Take back control of your customer reviews

Do not be victim of fake reviews from unknown visitors or bad customer reviews


You do your best
To provide quality service to your customers ;
Competitors or dissatisfied customers
Post false or bad reviews on the internet ;
It brings you inestimable financial harm
Today, all prospects look at customer reviews, if they find wrong or bad reviews, they will not sign with your company.

Consequences for each negative reviews

prospects who retract on average
% less sales
euros minimum loss of turnover
% of non-renewal of customer orders

Customer feedbacks

"Following several retractions from prospects caused by a small bad review on our Google page, we called on GOOD OPINION to remove the bad review "
Fabienne B.
"We were victims of false reviews by a competitor. We have decided to trust GOOD OPINION. The notice was deleted within 2 months. We now entrust this monitoring to GOOD OPINION "
Paulo A.
"Regularly victims of bad reviews, we have entrusted GOOD OPINION with the task of negotiating with our customers. Half of the bad reviews have been deleted and the ameliorative review service allows us to drown out the rest of the bad reviews with good reviews "
Alain C.

How it works ?

Implementation and configuration of the service : 10 to 15 business days :
Step 1
Strategy development and validation
Step 2
Development and validation of responses to good and bad reviews
Step 3
Setting up bad reviews mediation
Step 4
Setting up emails for fake reviews
Step 5
Setting up good reviews


Several packages
Reviews management
  • Reviews watch
  • Proposal and publication of responses following good or bad customer reviews
  • Performance report
Deleting reviews
  • Attempt to delete one (1) fake review
  • OR
  • Attempt to delete one (1) bad review

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